Mental Health Crisis and Intervention Service

Mental Health Crisis Response across the region of Humberside is managed through partnership working between the Police, Ambulance Services, Acute Care providers and Mental Health Services. 

In order to provide a high quality and safe service to the public, it is vital that all the Agencies have a shared vision with common values together with a clear understanding of the challenges that each Agency faces.

In order to provide the most efficient service to communities, we must do all we can to collectively make the best use of the available resources.

Organisations involved in crisis care work collaboratively for the best outcomes for people in the region, whilst recognising legal and legislative boundaries.


Humbercare is working in partnership with Humber NHS Teaching Trust to support the Mental Health Crisis and Intervention Service to meet their expected performance metrics including:

  • Reduced waits for emergency service ‘drop-offs’ – within one hour
  • Reduced waits for Humberside Police for service users detained Section 136 Mental Health Act.
  •   Improved patient experience within the Beyond Place of safety area(using, for example Family and Friends test, number of complaints relating to the service or other metric/s as agreed with commissioners) and compared to the pre-implementation period.
  • Improved staff experience (as measured, for example, via staff survey).

The aims of the service are to:

  • Provide support for people brought to Miranda House, Beyond Place of Safety and Place of safety environments.
  • Ensure patients receive the appropriate level of care and improved experience.
  • Provide support to the wider Crisis and Intervention team where indicated such as phone interventions, restraint techniques where needed.

Humbercare's key role within this service is to provide support alongside Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust Approved Mental Health Practitioners for people either presenting in a Mental Health Crisis or brought to Miranda House either formally under the Mental Health Act or informally. 

The service support operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week within Miranda House.  Humbercare provides one support worker across this time to ensure patients are supported and kept safe until all mental health interventions are concluded.

Our support practitioners receive relevant training through Humber NHS Teaching Trust to enable us to respond effectively within the department.


If you'd like further information regarding this service, please don’t hesitate to contact our Head Office and speak to the Manager on 01482 586633.