Humberside Enhanced Resettlement Service (HERs)

We work with adult male offenders who pose a high risk of harm and reoffending, and female offenders who pose a medium to high risk of harm and reoffending.

Working in a 3-way partnership between ourselves Humbercare, Hull Probation and Leeds & York NHS Foundation Trust (Forensic Psychologists).

Delivering a psychologically informed accommodation project for offenders who:

  • Screen onto the Personality Disorder pathway, and present in ways which are consistent with a ‘personality disorder’ diagnosis.
  • Have previous difficulties with maintaining tenancies in community accommodation because of their PD/offending.
  • With the availability of such intense professional support, we are able to provide a responsive working service to increase the service users’ time in the community.

Our Keyworkers engage with clients, acting as ambassadors and point of contact to design the services that work for them making a positive difference to their lives by:

  • Support learning about the problems the Client has which are associated with offending behaviour and emotional turmoil/stresses experienced in their lives,
  • Supporting the client to obtain and maintain a tenancy, Providing advice/guidance towards benefits and financial budgeting,
  • Develop Independent living skills such as nutrition, hygiene and health
  • Social Inclusion – relationships (including intimate, friendship and family relationships), become a valued member of their community, identify opportunities in recreation and purposeful activities of choice.

How do Clients access the service?

Whilst in Prison the Offender Manager makes an appropriate referral to the dedicated Senior Probation Officer referrals should ideally meet the:

Client's criteria for being accepted onto the programme:

They must have a basic level of motivation where they can engage in meetings and phone contact with their Humbercare keyworker and agree to basic conditions, i.e. maintaining tenancy, cleanliness etc.

Not be at imminent risk of reoffending or where the level of risk provides a danger to Humbercare workers and other professionals.

If you would like further information regarding this service please contact the Registered Manager, Cassy Lawson, Martin Williams (Services Coordinator) on 01482 586633