MEAM Service, Making Every Adult Matter

MEAM (Making Every Adult Matter) is a unique coalition of national charities – Clinks, Homeless Link and Mind – formed in 2009 to improve policy and services for people facing a combination of homelessness, substance misuse, mental health problems and repeat contact with the Criminal Justice System. To support areas, MEAM has developed the MEAM Approach, a non-prescriptive seven stage framework that local areas can adapt to local circumstances. Using the MEAM Approach, local areas design and deliver their own coordinated solutions for people with multiple needs, with a specific focus on the most chaotic individuals.

MEAM is a national approach to working with individuals who face exclusions and historically lack meaningful engagement with services.  Humbercare began this service in November 2017 officially although work started with some individuals prior to that. 

MEAM at this time has one MEAM co-ordinator and one MEAM Support Navigator and 15 service users identified as the cohort but also relies upon other partners commitment to work differently with them and suitable support is built around the service user’s needs. 

The MEAM cohort consists of people with multiple needs and the areas of support include substance misuse, mental health, offending and homelessness. 
MEAM encourages existing services to become flexible in their approach to these needs to break down the barriers faced by these often chaotic individuals. 
The partners involved include ReNew, Probation, Switch Charity, Public Health services, Hull City Council and various housing and homeless services. 

As an example of the MEAM Approach's success, one service user will shortly be ending his time on probation. This will be the longest time he has spent without re-offending since 1974! 
For the first time, he has appropriate support in place to suit his extensive health needs and a property adapted for this. 

There are plans in place for all of the service users for the future.

We will continue to update you on how the MEAM Approach is working for its 15 hard to reach individuals.

For more details with regards to this service please contact the Manager on 01482 586633.